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Moodmat Forest Carpet
Our Price: $8.01
Pure CBD Lip Balm
Our Price: $9.00
PipeNJ Hat Pin
Our Price: $10.00
Forest Carpet Design
5.5" Square
Moodmat Up-cycled Material
Made In New Jersey
CBD for Life Lip Balm
PipeNJ Logo Hat Pin
1.25" Tall

PipeNJ Mat
Our Price: $10.00
PipeNJ Moodmat
Our Price: $20.00
Sale Price: $10.00
Savings: $10.00
Glob Mops XL
Our Price: $14.99
PipeNJ.com Logo Mat
Helps protect the bottom of your glass
Non Slip Bottom
Soft Surface
8" Diamater

PipeNJ Official Moodmat
Approx 11.5" Long
Approx 5" Wide
Made In New Jersey
XL have 3x more cotton than the original v1 mops
there is a total of 300 mops
more cotton than the leading brand.
Price is for 2 containers a total of 600 mops
Pure CBD Foot Cream
Our Price: $20.00
CBD for Life Face & Body Cleanser
Oil Slick Pad
CBD for Life Foot Cream
CBD for Life Hand & Body Lotion
Pure CBD for Life Rub - Original .09oz
Our Price: $25.00
Pure CBD Oral Spray
CBD for Life Pure CBD Extract Pain Relief Spray
Ms. Meow Glass Slab Dabber Design
Colors Vary
Price is per dabber
Approx 4" Long 1.5" Wide
Made In Oregon
Pure CBD Eye Serum
Our Price: $32.00
Phattass Glass Clear Gear Directional Carb Cap
Our Price: $40.00
Sale Price: $33.99
Savings: $6.01
Pure CBD Face Cream
Our Price: $35.00
CBD for Life Eye Serum
Phattass Glass Gear Directional Carb Cap
Side Slit Directional Design
Fits XXL XL and Reg Quartz Bangers
Each Sold Seperatly
CBD for Life Face Cream
DAB Art Wax Mold
Our Price: $35.99
Ms. Meow Glass Illuminati Stickyhand Dabber
Our Price: $50.00
Sale Price: $40.00
Savings: $10.00
DAB Art Wax Mold
Titanium Skilltools dabber included
Colors Vary
Made out of Silicone
Made by Moose Labs

Ms. Meow Glass Stickyhand Dabber Design
Illuminati Glass Throughout
Blacklight Reactive
Carp Cap Function
Actual Stickyhand Included
Approx 3" Long 2" Wide
Made In Oregon
Big Buddy
Joel Halen Glass Trough FLow Carb Cap Dabber
Our Price: $80.00
Sale Price: $50.00
Savings: $30.00

Butane Refillable TURBO Torch
The Big Buddy is the newest addition to the growing line of dual use torches specifically engineered For both Professional and home use.
The Big Buddy features a very powerful 2500º turbo flame and up to 60 minutes of continuous burn time, all in a light weight portable design.
The Big Buddy provides all the power and dependability, light after light, that Blazer is known for the world over.

Trough Carb Cap Dabber Design by Joel Halen
Flow Slit Design
100% Quartz Glass
Custom Design for Optimal Carb Cap Perfomance w/ Trough Nail 10MM or 14MM
1 per order
Made by Joel Halen
Made In Colorado

H3 25mm Quartz Bubblecap

Sherbet Glass Pencil Design
Mint Glass
Raindrop Tip
Regular Eraser
Approx 5" Long
Made In Mass

Sherbet Glass Pencil Design
Orange Red Color
Greenstardust Tip
Approx 5" Long
Made In Mass

Sherbet Glass Pencil Design
Cobalt Blue Glass
Raindrop Tip
Regular Eraser
Approx 5" Long
Made In Mass

Rasta Dichro Marley Dreads Dome
Our Price: $93.99
Sale Price: $70.00
Savings: $23.99
Sherbet Glass Pencil Design
Pink Slime Glass
Pink Slime Tip
Approx 5" Long
Made In Mass

Anti-Flare Butane Refillable Torch

The powerful, portable Anti-Flare butane refillable torch. The Big Shot features a strong and sturdy brass flame nozzle, detachable base and precision flame control. Turn it upside down without worrying about flame blow-out.

Piezo crystal instant ignition and state of the art engineering combine into one of the most powerful, and smallest, tools you'll ever use.

With over 35 minutes of high grade 2500ºF burn time, this completely portable, self contained unit will meet all your soldering brazing and other professional and industrial needs. Fits easily in your toolbox
Boro Nail
Rasta Color Design Green Red Gold
Rasta Color Washer/Stand
DICHRO Bob Marley Image