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MIT45 Liquid Silver MIT45 Liquid Silver

Kratom Liquid Extract Silver Mitragyna Speciosa - 15.ml

Our Price: $12.00
Legal Lean Relaxation Syrup QUALI ( Cherry ) Legal Lean Relaxation Syrup QUALI ( Cherry )

2 oz. Relaxation supplement made of pure herb extract: Kava kava and melatonin. Designed to help you unwind on a very stressful day. 100% Legal in all States. You will pass any test. Promote a state of extended relaxation and Europhia. You can use this to cool down after a stimulating work out or kick back, relax and chill before bed.

Our Price: $12.50
Kavafx Calm Fruit Fusion Kavafx Calm Fruit Fusion

KavaFx : Noble Kava Root Infused Drink. 500mg of Kavalactones per bottle. Fruit Fusion flavor. GMP Certified, Third Party tested, Vegan, NON-GMO Kava Root, No Added Sugar. The most potent and highest quality ready to drink Noble Kava Root beverage on the market! Quality, Consistency and potency in every bottle you can trust!

  • Enhances Mood and Relaxation
  • Improves Recovery and sleep
  • Non-Habit Forming

Consume half a bottle for moderate relaxation and calming effect and consume full bottle for maximum calming and relaxation effect.

Shake well before consuming. For best results consume on an empty stomach or 3-4 hours after eating. Do NOT drink more than 1 bottle in a 24 hour period and DO NOT MIX with ALCOHOL!

Our Price: $15.00
K Shot K Shot

1 K Shot

Our Price: $18.00
OPMS Liquid Extract OPMS Liquid Extract



This is the “best in class” kratom as it was rated top kratom product from 2013 to 2019! This product is incredible, and we guarantee you will not be let down or you can send it back for a full refund. Check out some of the customer reviews to hear how they love this product! OPMS Liquid Kratom Extract is an award-winning blend of incredible alkaloids harvested straight from the Maeng Da kratom plant. By using a specialized mix of cool water and very high pressures, the OPMS team can extract more of the potent alkaloids from the plant matter and create a higher concentration of active ingredients. More importantly, they have made this extract easy to consume without much of the harsh taste that turn people off about other extracts.

What You Get

This super high concentration can be felt with just a drop or two of the extract added to your tea or coffee. Even veteran users of kratom should start slow with this liquid extract because it is so different from other liquid extracts on the market. The benefit of choosing liquid extract over a powder or capsule is that it gives you greater control over your dosage, and it can be less expensive to purchase in bulk. Since your body absorbs the liquid more efficiently, you can get more bang for your buck with this bottle.

How It Works

Maeng Da Kratom has been one of the top-selling kratom products around the world for many years. This extract is credited with producing a nice, euphoric feeling that lifts you out of your pain and stress putting you at ease. Due to the intensity of this product, you can expect to feel results within minutes as your body quickly absorbs the active ingredients and goes to work. The best part is that it’s super easy to measure your dosage with this bottle, so you can start small and add a drop as needed to achieve your desired results. A Top-Secret extraction process was developed and designed to protect the integrity of kratom’s natural alkaloids. You just need one full shot. This stuff is not for new users because it’s very strong. OPMS has earned a great reputation in the kratom community for the potency, and flavor of their liquid extracts. They continue to be a top pick for kratom users new and old each year. You can experience the difference yourself with a single 8.8 ml bottle of Maeng Da liquid extract today. Many users tell us that just one drop could take you on a ride away from chronic pain.

What Sets It Apart

The main difference between kratom OPMS, and other kratom products is how the alkaloids are extracted from the leaves. Most products employ a method involving hot water or a solvent. Under this process, the kratom leaves are boiled out of the organic material. Research specialists have recently discovered a more effective extraction method using cold water and high pressure. With this method, more of the alkaloids are preserved, making for a better and more potent product. Kratom is the name of the leaf on the Mitragyna Speciosa tree that grows in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Like the coffee tree to which it’s related it is a member of the Rubiaceae family and is most likely to be found growing deep in the jungle. Humanity has cultivated the kratom plant for thousands of years to use medicinally and therapeutically.

Our Price: $20.00
K80 Liquid Extract K80 Liquid Extract

K80 Kratom Shot

From the makers of Kshots, if you like K shot you will love K80
Herbs contained in this formula are the equivalent to 7-8 Grams
of Natural Leaf Powder.

GMP Certified

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice and a quality control system that makes sure that every product adequately tested and dosed for optimal effectiveness. The (GMP) a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. Also, designed to minimize the risks involved in any production that cannot be eliminated through testing the final product.

A Potent Shot of Kratom

K80 Kratom is equivalent to 7-8 grams of natural leaf powder.

Our Price: $20.00
Chief Liquid Extract Chief Liquid Extract

Chief Kratom is a new water-soluble kratom botanical extract that has been processed utilizing a unique extraction process. This process preserves the maximum amount of alkaloids in a fully organic 12ml tincture product that is sure to become a fan favorite.

Chief Kratom is an all-natural extract with no synthetics added, and that includes no synthetic alkaloids of Kratom. When testing the kratom extracts on the market today, it is very evident that some of them, especially in the 2 oz size, have synthetic kratom alkaloids.

Our Price: $20.00
OPMS Black Liquid Extract OPMS Black Liquid Extract


O.P.M.S. Black Kratom Extract. The all-natural, pure liquid
product will quickly become a customer favorite.

O.P.M.S. Black Liquid Kratom comes in 8ml bottles, 45 bottles per display box.

O.P.M.S. Black Liquid Kratom is an all-natural product. Get the full spectrum extract experience.

O.P.M.S. has developed a process of extraction unmatched by any other brand.

Our Price: $20.00

MIT Freeze Kratom Extract Shot, which contains 100mg of
Mitragynine, equivalent to a heavy dose of Kratom leaf. The
recommended serving size is 1/2 of the bottle.

The most unique aspect of the MIT Freeze Kratom Extract Shot is that it contains a significant amount of peppermint extract, which naturally contains menthol. This leads to a 'freeze' effect as the shot travels from the mouth to the stomach. Overall, the peppermint makes the shot much more enjoyable, since it negates the bitter taste of the Kratom extract, and it seems like a good idea in general to mix peppermint extract with Kratom shots based on this experience.

As for the effects, the shot was powerful, starting with lots of energy and euphoria, which is perfect for work, and eventually the experience transitioned into strong sedation, relaxation, and analgesia. The sedation became so strong that I had to take a nap, which is the hallmark of a strong Kratom experience.

Our Price: $20.00
MIT45 Extract Tincture MIT45 Extract Tincture

MIT 45 gets its name because it's a potent tincture with 45% mitragynine content. Mitragynine is the indole alkaloid that works as the active ingredient in kratom, so this shot is one of the most powerful kratom products available. Consumers compare this to the espresso of kratom and say it does all of the following:

  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Provides Focus
  • Addresses Pain
  • Boosts Energy
  • 45% Mitragynine!

Our Price: $25.00