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Terp Timer By OCTAVE Terp Timer By OCTAVE

Introducing Version 1.2 with 3 added features...

1. Color changing screen
2. Embossed magnetic base
3. Improved UI

The Terp Timer is a desktop wireless thermal sensor
that allows you to dial in the exact temperature when

Set your desired temp and the unit will beep to
remind you when it hits that temperature.

The battery lasts for 2-3 months per charge.
10 - year warranty.

Our Price: $150.00

You ask, we deliver.

Introducing the latest offering from our "Terpene Preservation Team".


Experience accuracy and precision like never before! Now utilizing our patented RGB color indication along with an infrared sensor. TERPOMETER dab tools provide the perfect temperature dab every time! The First. The Original. #TRUETOTHETERPS

US Patent No. 10,690,553


  • TERPOMETER Infrared Thermometer

  • Titanium Dab tool

  • KeyChain attachment

  • USB Charger

  • Infrared Sensor Technology

  • Ideal for quartz , titanium or ceramic surfaces.

Our Price: $180.00
The x311 Dab Rite Collaboration The x311 Dab Rite Collaboration

Say Hello To 311

Authenticity matters to 311. Trends have come and gone, but the multi-platinum band has always stayed true to itself crafting an original mix of rock, reggae, funk and hip-hop known as the signature 311 sound. The band also shares a passion for herb that respects artisan tastes and products that give users full control of the experience. These values inspired a collaboration with Dab Rite™ to create a 311 edition of the most advanced digital IR thermometer on the market.

The 311 Dab Rite™ comes with pre-installed emissivity settings, a high-grade industrial sensor and a flexible temperature reading arm with LED guide light. When it reaches the preferred temperature, the device illuminates and plays an 8-bit clip of 311 music. Connoisseurs know the challenge in achieving the optimal temperature, but like so many 311 songs, Dab Rite™ delivers the right amount of heat with impeccable timing. This limited-edition 311 thermometer celebrates the ritual of the 710 experience and reminds us that even with numbers all good things come in threes.

Our Price: $311.00